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Save London's NHS

Save London's NHS

Created by

Ken Livingstone

Ken Livingstone

The NHS is a top priority for Labour in London and we will always support it.

The Tories used to say that too – but that was before the election.

David Cameron and Boris Johnson promised to protect the NHS.

  • David Cameron promised: "We will guarantee that health spending increases in real terms, in each year of the Parliament"
  • Boris Johnson promised: “Support local health services by campaigning against closures and fighting to save local GP services."
  • David Cameron promised: "I will protect frontline services"

But now the Tory-led government's policies for the NHS are causing widespread public concern - including plans to cut hundreds of front-line London Ambulance Service jobs.

And the Conservatives' Mayor of London, Boris Johnson, now refuses to back local health campaigns, saying it's 'not appropriate' for him to do so.

Ken Livingstone is running a campaign to protect London's NHS Services.

The people of our capital city deserve top quality care and demand our health care should not be broken up, sold off or be privatised by the back door.

Join our campaign:

  • Sign up to hold David Cameron and Boris Johnson to their promises to "Protect the NHS"
  • Help protect Health Care services
  • Stop precious NHS money being wasted on a big top-down reorganisation which is putting the NHS at risk
  • Provide the real increase we were promised in NHS funding

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