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Farepak Victims Committee

Farepak Victims Committee

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On 13 October 2006 Farepak Food and Gifts went into Administration costing the consumers who had savedd for Christmas more than £37 MILLION. As of today ( 14th November 2011) NO CUSTOMER HAS RECEIVED A PENNY BACK!

Jessica Morden MP for Newport East has tabled a debate hopefully for week commencing 28th November.

Jess will be joined by Katy Clark and other MP's to defend and fight for there constituents who lost so much money. At present we have been told that every customer who lost money will receive 15p in the £ and that is just unacceptable. Louise McDaid has created a petition online and I have created a survey If you could click on the following links and sign the petition and take the 30 second survey we would be very grateful. Thank you for reading this and for hopefully signing the petition and the survey.

Could you please help Farepak Victims by signing this petition and filling out the survey
Thanks so much

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